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Toilet intake valves must now comply with the requirements of British Standard BS 1212 Part 2, 3 or 4. Alternatively, valves manufactured in accordance with the requirements of BS 1212, Part 2 or 3 may be tested to the specifications of intake valve regulators, but test code WRAS 4001.7 is no longer an acceptable method for demonstrating compliance. NSF is also willing to provide testing services to demonstrate compliance with these new requirements for WRAS approval. Please contact us at wales@nsf.org for more information. Inlet valves must also meet the requirements of an AG air gap, which means that water must leak over the diaphragm and maintain a physical air gap at all times. NSF offers pre-conformance testing to review your new designs and provide feedback on your products` compliance with new testing requirements. We can also review and advise drawings if the design is unlikely to meet the new requirements. There are a number of new requirements, which mainly affect the design of intake valves for toilets. b. from which the water emerges at a speed not exceeding 15° from the vertical axis of the water flow.

Valves where water flows below the waterline and rely on one or more air inlets to prevent discharge in the event of a vacuum fall into the AC air gap category and are no longer acceptable in toilet tanks. Viega is an innovative pioneer in the market and has integrated Type AG`s air gap technology into its Prevista range of pre-wall and flush-mounted flushing systems. an important part of creating toilet systems that meet AUK 1, Waras` fail-safe approach to backflow prevention. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked with * In response, WRAS has issued new guidelines for WRAS approval of toilets, cisterns and intake valves, which come into effect this month. One. is at least 20 mm or twice the inside diameter of the intake pipe, whichever is greater; In combination with other required performance specifications – including the level of overflow of the toilet tray and the size and shape of the overflow pipe – toilet systems can meet WRAS type AUK 1 approval (air gap with intermediate tank). After several water companies expressed concerns about the reintroduction of contaminated water into the power supply in 2018, WRAS introduced measures to end this potentially dangerous situation and recommended adding an air gap to prevent the risk of blue water back-up.

Silent pipes that affect the air gap are also no longer allowed under the new rules. Products on the market without the required AG air gap do not comply with UK water regulations and cannot be specified or installed AG type filling valves prevent non-mechanical discharge, creating a physical air rupture between the lowest water outlet of an intake valve and the critical water level in a tank. Viega`s Prevista range of pre-wall frames and concealed cisterns now comes standard with integrated blue backflow avoidance after receiving WRAS approval and KIWA certification, enabling installers and designers to ensure their systems comply with current water supply regulations (water appliances) and water supply (water appliances) regulations (Scotland). Viega Type AG filling valve in Prevista tank The UK water industry has recently introduced new guidelines for toilet compliance.