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We have two very busy condominium offices. X-Press Legal Services always handles our research quickly and efficiently and all the staff are very friendly and helpful. We are also very confident that we can trust their research answers and have never had any problems with the research they have provided in over 15 years. Do you want to search for land or real estate? . Take a look at our Home Risk Reports ICOS (Intelligent Conveyancing Online System) websiteImprove efficiency and accuracy with our cloud-based platform ICOS – X-Press` power hub. You have access to everything you need as part of a real estate transaction. In addition, X-Press Pay means that we can accept payments directly from the consumer for our searches, reducing your company`s VAT liability. X-Press Pay is fully GDPR compliant and provides a VAT receipt for your records. The National Land Information Service (NLIS) is a government-approved and regulated electronic land and property search portal that is unique in the real estate search market. Property Marvel designs, develops and maintains powerful Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions for the UK legal industry. FormEvo – trusted legal software created by people with many years of experience in the field of legal forms and e-filing. Use this knowledge to develop a platform that delivers value and efficiency to your law firm by providing a modern, advanced, cloud-based legal solution, from individual practitioners to the top 100 law firms.

We are a leading provider of regulated property research and reporting to lawyers and real estate agents. More than 500 law firms in England and Wales rely on our 27 independently managed local businesses to carry out over 400,000 regulated research and reports each year. FCI provides concise and clear environmental reports with actionable results. CLS Risk Solutions is now part of the CFI and offers choral research services. Mr. Checker defends the legal industry and the public home buyers against fraudulent activities. We offer a range of solutions developed using technology to solve the immediate threat of criminals stealing the identity of law firms. Do you need an explanation of a legal problem, written in plain English? .

Discover our website Law Plain and Simple Veriphy offers a range of reports that meet the strict compliance requirements of the legal industry. From anti-money laundering checks to bank audit reports, reduce the risk of a lawyer and ensure the practice is fully compliant. I have been using X-Press legally for many years and they are professional, efficient and very accessible. Nothing is too much trouble and they are happy to help in any way they can. Law Plain and Simple is the consumer champion for legal services. The aim is to better inform the public about legal issues that affect them and to better protect them from the legal risks to which they are exposed. We have been using Xpress Legal as a search provider for several years, we have always found them to be very efficient and professional while maintaining the personal touch. If questions arise about search results or advice on search queries in other parts of the country, they are always available on the other end of the phone. ps they also make great Christmas baskets We decided it was the right time to franchise the business. Across the UK, homes, infrastructure and land are threatened by complex soil hazards such as mining, subsidence, coastal erosion and landslides, which can have costly consequences.

Terrafima`s geologists, soil scientists and mining engineers communicate soil risks through historical reports, expert advice and innovative soil risk models. Our company has continued to grow, but still retains the values of a family business. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products, our customer service and our friendly approach – which is at the heart of our culture. X-Press Legal Services works with leading data providers and providers to ensure accurate reporting and compliant transactions. Read the latest news from X-Press Legal Services Our network consists of friendly experts who are local people with in-depth knowledge of their field. So you can rest assured that the data-rich reports they provide are cost-effective, relevant, and accurate. We are fanatical about providing the highest level of customer service. With 25 years of experience in real estate and utility consulting, Apogee provides utility research reports. PinPoint Information offers a range of due diligence reports for real estate professionals, including coal mining and choral appraisals. We are pleased to announce our new partnership with LMS to provide Confirmly, a fast, reliable and secure law firm identity verification technology.

As part of our ongoing commitment to fighting fraud in the broadcasting industry, all X-Press customers can now access Confirm through our intelligent online transfer system, ICOS. Confirm enables deployment of. Fantastic service – delivered on time! (And this at a time when the real estate world has literally gone pretty crazy!) Thank you very much for that, much appreciated. Connect your case management platform to ICOS, our online ordering portal. Groundsure is a UK authority on environmental risks such as land pollution, flooding and soil stability. Compass is a single application for all your SDLT needs, helping you ensure that SDLT is calculated correctly for each of your customers first and every time, and giving you the audit trail you need to prove it. Create accurate SDLT numbers for your customers, regardless of their situation or property type […]. Argyll provides environmental due diligence and risk assessment services for land and real estate. Our clients use them to support transactions, restructurings, business decisions, investments and valuations. Home Risk Reports aims to make you a more informed buyer or seller by giving you easy and cost-effective access to the most up-to-date and detailed information about the property you are buying or selling.

Thirdfort reduces risk for attorneys and real estate agents by automating identity verification, AML compliance, and verification of funding sources. Regulated research contains accurate and up-to-date information on topics concerning a property. Thank you for clarifying this so quickly so we could finish on time, if I could reach the phone, I would kiss you After three members of our family received two years of professional training and research on the real estate market, X-Press was born. HMLR is the primary source of information regarding residential and property ownership, mortgages, fees, easements, restrictive agreements, property boundaries, rights of way, current and past ownership, and home prices. The X-Press Coal Risk Report is a CCB-regulated coal risk assessment that provides a detailed assessment of environmental risks or soil stability from past, current or future underground or surface mining activities, information on subsidence applications, points of entry into mines, surface hazards and mining geology that may affect a property. SDLT.co.uk is the leading independent submission system for electronic SDLT forms – it stops the rejection of stamp duty forms, pre-fills the form and gives you a printed SDLT5 certificate immediately after successful submission. For a small removal fee per certificate, remote installation, updates, training, and support are included free of charge. X-Press Legal Services is a reference […] Our team puts customer service at the heart of everything we do, allowing us to build meaningful, long-term relationships with our customers. Our high-quality reports are fully compliant with industry regulations, and our continued investment in IT and technology ensures digital solutions combined with cybersecurity for our customers` safety.

Within a year, we left our home office and moved to Warrington with two other family members and became a registered business, with Lynne Lister as Managing Director, Dave Lister as Finance and Commercial Manager and Christian Lister as Operations Manager. We continued to expand. X-Press Legal Services was founded in 1998 and has extensive experience in providing high-quality broadcast reporting through helpful and friendly experts. We do not develop or give our customers free and non-binding access to our innovative technology. Together, we have over 400 years of industry experience across our network of offices, with local people leveraging local knowledge to provide the highest level of service possible. I have used X-Press Legal Services at various law firms I have worked for. After using other research companies, I now still use X-Press Legal. I have found them to be accommodating and trustworthy and are more than willing to help if there is something complicated that I need their help with. They always go the extra mile for their clients and since I believe I am doing this for my clients, I am happy that they are doing the same for me. They are a valuable partner to me, and I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Cornwall Consultants provides mine surveys, foundation and property trench inspections, Mundic testing, contaminated land assessments, abandoned mine surveys, and soil remediation and stabilization services. The Coal Search Plus+ service builds on David Bellis Consulting Surveyors` reputation for flexible, user-friendly and informed coal mine information by providing online ordering services and the ability to provide reports in electronic format. All reports are accompanied by £2 million liability insurance. Provide Chancel risk reports as well as Chancel insurance highlighting the difference between selling with a trusted protected buyer or a buyer at risk of buying a property that is subject to repair liability.