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I recently turned 16. I broke up with my girlfriend when I was 15 and she was 17. Now she`s 18 and wants to put me on child support. Can it? Even if she doesn`t let me see my daughter? I am a miner and I live in North Carolina. New parents will always be nearby, patiently waiting to catch up with their children when they fall. That philosophy continued in 1971, when Congress lowered the voting age to 18 in response to anger over conscription during the Vietnam War, which forced thousands of men between the ages of 18 and 21 into the war. Anyway, I live in Florida and use the apartment in New York for income and the floor as housing when I visit my family who also live there. I just want to know how old the real age is because I`m tired of being rushed. Thank you, a full-fledged mother.

But there isn`t much clarity in state laws. In Alaska, teens can marry at age 14 with a court order. Only a handful of states allow alcohol consumption before the age of 21 in strict circumstances, such as in the presence of a parent or guardian. In the absence of these usual rites of passage (which have been socially accepted as such), children and parents are sometimes unable to really define when children officially grow up. I`m only 16, but I was wondering if I could even move. I thought, maybe a parent? I don`t want to live alone, I know I`m not ready for that. I was just wondering if I could move in with a relative until I got my legal degree? Any help is appreciated, and I live in WV. To the mother with the 18-year-old son. I don`t have children, but I know you`re worried about your son. Give it a few days.

Let him know that you still love him and want him at home. Then, as difficult as it may be, let him figure out for himself how difficult it is if you don`t have three hots and a cot for free. Don`t bother him – just let him know he`s welcome if he wants to come back. I`m 17 (18 in December) and I feel like I`m an adult. Everyone thinks you`re an adult when you`re 18, but in countries like India, you`re considered an adult at 13. I am 17 years old, I will be 18 years old in January 2011. Of course, I still live with my parents and I really wish I could move already. I go to school and when I`m 18, I`ll still be in school. I want to move a few weeks after I turn 18, but my mother told me, « You can`t leave because you`re still in school and I still have custody of you. I still have responsibility for you. My godson will be 16 in June. We both live in Louisiana. Her mother is addicted to painkillers and her father tried to kill her and her siblings when they were younger.

I know someone who is 17 and will be 18 in four months. Her parents say she won`t be able to move when she turns 18. Does anyone have any information on this topic? She lives in the state of New Mexico. When we look for an answer through the eyes of the law, adult life begins when they are considered competent enough to do certain things and participate in their society and government. Can an 18-year-old girl legally date a 62-year-old man in the state of Pennsylvania without anyone getting into trouble? In Washington, D.C., people under the age of 17 can marry in « special circumstances » and/or with parental or judicial consent. A « special circumstance » could be pregnancy. Nearly half of U.S. states do not have an age limit for these marriages, including Washington. The vast majority of these marriages involve underage girls.

Over the past 15 years, there have been more than 200,000 child marriages in the United States. So when does adulthood begin for girls? At 12, 13, 16, 18? Isn`t adulthood a prerequisite for marriage and consent? Apparently not. America has been inconsistent at best when it comes to deciding what 18-21 year olds are too young or just old enough for. Age of majority is the legally recognized or declared threshold of adulthood. This is the time when minors are no longer considered as such and take legal control of their person, actions and decisions, ending the control and legal responsibility of their parents or guardians over them. Most countries set the age of majority at 18, but some jurisdictions have a higher age and others lower. The word majority here refers to having more years and being of legal age, as opposed to minority, being a minor. The law of a particular jurisdiction cannot use the term « age of majority ». The term generally refers to a set of laws that confer adult status.

Persons under the age of majority are referred to as minors and may be denied certain privileges by law, such as choosing, buying and drinking alcoholic beverages, purchasing tobacco or cannabis products, gambling, marrying, purchasing or possessing firearms, possessing property, entering into binding contracts, or obtaining all driving privileges. You may want to wait until you move in together when you`ve finished school, have a good job, and know what you want for yourself and the two of you. The age at which one is considered to be of legal age in the United States is generally 18. What defines a legal adult is the ability to work legally, participate in contracts, vote, marry, give sexual consent, and join the military. However, being a legal adult under the age of 21 does not entitle you to purchase alcohol in most states. And since 1984, when states began raising the legal drinking age from 18 to 21 in exchange for federal funding for highways — in some cases, as little as a decade after the cut — they couldn`t buy beer at a bar in most of the U.S., a restriction that has infuriated students ever since. anon21725: Yes, it is possible.